Patt Morrison for March 3, 2010

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The end game finally appears to be here: after a year of debate and several false starts in Congress, Democrats and President Obama have decided that the time is now for health care reform and, marked by the President’s speech this morning, will start the parliamentarian process of passing reform legislation in the face of fierce Republican opposition. Even as the President included Republican provisions aimed at cutting health care costs and preventing fraud, the GOP members of Congress were more determined than ever to derail the reform process—Republicans want the President and Democrats to start over from scratch. So what kind of health care reform are we left with, assuming that the process of “reconciliation” works in Congress, and how poisoned will the political well be after the hostilities?
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For 19 years, the RSA Conference (being held this week in San Francisco) has set the worldwide information security agenda. And in its history, homeland security has increasingly become synonymous with cyber security. What’s being done to enforce American’s cyber infrastructure and networks against counter terrorism? What’s the future of cloud computing and how will it change the way we communicate and do business? Patt checks in with a former secretary of Homeland Security and FBI experts about assessing a federal initiative to safeguard our computer networks against terrorists and profiteers.
City Council President Eric Garcetti sits down with Patt Morrison to talk over the city budget mess--layoffs, the city’s downgraded credit score and whether or not the city will cash-in by privatizing parking structures, the convention center and the zoo. Patt won’t forget to ask about the ongoing medical marijuana saga. The city just got slapped with a lawsuit filed on behalf of two dispensaries that feel the current, and just passed, ordinance is too restrictive and will force them out of business. We’ll also talk about those pesky “supergraphics” (huge billboards), a surcharge for DWP customers to help the utility meet the mayor’s renewable energy goals, and the effort to license the city’s dogs. Yeah, did you know you have to license your dog?
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Jonah Lehrer on making depression work for you!

Does depression serve an evolutionary purpose? That’s the theory doctors are beginning to explore, and in doing so, are discovering some positive sides to depression’s roots. It turns out intense rumination and fixating on one’s flaws might not be so bad if they allow you to focus on understanding your problems and doing something about them. Still, others in the field are skeptical. Either way, the debate is getting both sides to re-evaluate negative moods and any “moral obligation” to be happy…
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