Patt Morrison for March 12, 2010

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If you are disgruntled or confused about parking at a broken parking meter, you are not alone. Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge’s office has received so many complaints about LA parking enforcement issuing tickets on “failed” meters that he’s had to step in and ask the department to explain. The Transportation Department says they do not issue citations on broken meters and yet some evidence seems points to the contrary. Last year the city issued 550,000 tickets for expired meters and yet only 2% were contested, and of those 40% were found to be valid. Ironically, two of LaBonge’s own staffers received tickets while parked at broken meters. Will all this attention put the kibosh on bogus tickets or is there more to this story?
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You may think you’re stashing away more than enough money for your retirement, or you might not think about it at all. The Employee Benefit Research Institute just issued its 20th annual Retirement Confidence Survey, which revealed that Americans aren’t saving up. The number of those with little or no retirement savings is up for a third straight year, with 43% having saved less than $10,000, and 27% less than $1000. The bad economy and job market have definitely affected retirement plans, as has overspending. Will social security be enough to get you through? Perhaps it’s time to re-think buying that sports car…
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The March towards Madness

Can you feel the madness building? It’s coming and there’s nothing Xanax can do to prevent it from hitting mass effect. Another March marks another year of sport’s most chaotic event, the NCAA College Basketball tournament. Millions of sports fans are eagerly awaiting, blank brackets in hand, for this Sunday’s tournament selection. Which teams are the front-runners? Who will be this year’s “Cinderella” story? Will we have any local teams in the big dance? So before you fill out your office’s tournament pool, you are going to want to hear this, could be the difference between the sweet smell of victory… or the madness of defeat.
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Game Change

The 2008 presidential election will forever live as one of the most revolutionary and historic races in American History. While the media didn’t rest in covering the candidates, it seems there were portions of the campaigns that no one saw, until now. Acclaimed political reporters John Heilemann and Mark Halperin discuss their controversial and hard-hitting book, “Game Change,” in which they take readers behind the scenes of the campaigns of President Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Hilary Clinton, and some others in the pack.
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“The Einstein Plan” w/James Cromwell

Healthcare reform rages on in congress and many Americans feel helpless. But what if we could do something simple to influence the government? The new play “The Einstein Plan” examines Albert Einstein’s notion that if as few as 2% of the population were to participate in non-violent civil disobedience, then the government would be brought to a standstill. The play is an interactive format encouraging audience members to participate in the discussion. We speak to actor James Cromwell about his role and the notion the play asserts.
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LA - sane and mundane?

According to the Daily Beast, Los Angeles is not as crazy as we Angelenos may have thought. Lacking a slogan with the obvious appeal of Austin’s “KEEP IT WEIRD” or the eccentricity of New York City’s “Naked Cowboy” is Los Angeles the black sheep in the land of the loonies? We at Patt Morrison don’t think so and would like to hear your stories about why LA deserves to wear the mad-hatter’s hat.
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