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Race relations at the University of California in wake of UCSD’s "Compton Cookout"

Race relations at UC Schools
Race relations at UC Schools
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The “Compton Cookout” party at an off-campus UC San Diego fraternity was clearly a doomed idea from the start—meant to be a prank that played up African American stereotypes, in the middle of Black History Month no less, the party touched off a firestorm of troubled race relations across the UC system. In the wake of the “Compton Cookout” two more racially-motivated incidents were reported at UCSD and several more took place at other UC campuses, including a large picture of a noose drawn in a UC Santa Cruz bathroom. Are race relations at the University of California really strained or are a small group of isolated antagonists to blame for bringing so much negative publicity upon the entire system? UC leadership wasted no time in appointing the dean of UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall law school to investigate racial tensions, and he stops by Patt’s program to give his first impressions.


Christopher Edley, dean of the UC Berkeley Boalt Hall law school; special advisor to UC President Mark Yudof on UC race relations