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Congress pays off Student Loan Bill

by Patt Morrison

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Student loan reform may be on the way. David McNew/Getty Images

As it passed health care reform Congress also revamped student loans to make more money easier to get and to pay back - increasing Pell grants, taking great power and great responsibility from the banks and lending institutions and giving it directly to the colleges, forgiving loans entirely after 20 years and more. While it sounds good on the surface this student loan reform is not without its controversy and critics, on both sides of the issue. Free marketers argue that the Obama-inspired legislation will crush private banks that currently offer a big chunk of student loans, and kill loan competition for students. Student advocates say the bill is nowhere near generous enough to keep pace with the increasing college tuitions. We discuss the basic arithmetic of the student loan bill and what it means to you.


Congressman George Miller, (D-7th District of California – Solano and Contra Costa Counties) he is chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor and author of the student reform bill that passed on Sunday

Tim Connell, the president of the Georgia Student Finance Commission and Georgia Student Finance Authority and a representative of America’s Student Loan Providers, the lending industry’s trade group

Congressman John Garamendi (D-10th District of California – East Bay, San Francisco area), former Lt. Governor of California and UC Regent

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