Patt Morrison for March 31, 2010

L.A. County supervisors terminate relationship with United Care, foster care agency with troubled record

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The L.A. County board of Supervisors is severing ties with United Care foster agency

It’s come out that United Care, a foster care agency that was partnered with Los Angeles County, has a past riddled with citations and failed child placements. The agency had been cited several times over the past few years after caregivers physically abused children. Now a two-year-old girl who was under the supervision of United Care has been killed by foster parents. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors yesterday voted unanimously to sever ties with United Care stating that the agency had been irresponsible in its dealings. Of course, United Care points the finger right back at the county saying that its officials were about to allow the family to adopt the now deceased toddler. Who is to blame, who is watching out for the thousands of vulnerable foster kids in Los Angeles and why can’t the County get foster care right?


Zev Yaroslavsky, L.A. County Supervisor representing the 3rd District

Craig Woods, executive director, United Care

Daniel Heimpel, director of Fostering Media Connections & a freelance journalist

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