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L.A. in the red? Game of chicken between DWP & L.A. City Council continues, with $73 million in the balance

by Patt Morrison

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City Controller warns that Los Angeles could soon be in the red Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

The DWP and City Council are still fighting over the proposed rate hike. Adding to the standoff, Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel has declared an “urgent financial crisis,” warning that the city could be more than broke in only four weeks. Budget officials are counting on a $73.5 million payment which the DWP committed to send the city, but DWP officials say they won’t pay up unless the rate hike goes through. Will the fighting end anytime soon?

S. David Freeman, interim General Manager of the Department of Water & Power

Molly Peterson, KPCC Environment Reporter

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