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California’s Race to the Top proving to be one big marathon

California didn't come in first in the
California didn't come in first in the "Race to the Top" education program
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Education officials announced the first of three rounds of Race to the Top results last month, choosing to award only a small portion of a $4 billion pot to just two states. They left some sore losers in their wake, including California, which competed tirelessly for a piece of the education pie. Those loser states are now claiming the scoring by anonymous judges is inscrutable and are questioning whether even the possible reward of millions-of-dollars warrants starting over from square one. The scoring certainly favored states that were able to get 100% support from school districts, and that worked against California, where the number was painfully low. Still, California legislators were able to jump through hoops to qualify California for the running and are now considering what further concessions they’ll need to make to get teachers and districts on board. Patt talks with legislators and teachers’ union representatives about how far California is from beginning yet another race to the top, and still without any guarantee of winning.


Jack O’Connell, California State Superintendent of Public Education

Marty Hittelman, president of the California Federation of Teachers