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Let my $73 million go! Lawsuit attempts to force the DWP’s hand

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
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In one of many active efforts to wrestle $73.5 million away from the DWP and into L.A.’s general fund, a former president of the Department of Water & Power Board of Commissioners has filed a lawsuit in Super Court seeking to force the DWP to make its promised payment. Meanwhile the L.A. City Council is pressing forward on its plans to change the city charter to gain more control and authority over the DWP on issues ranging from dismissing commission members to appointing the general manager. While L.A. faces a budget deficit of nearly $700 million, the focus has been on the fight over a comparatively measly $73 million and which element of city government gets to call the shots. Will the conflict result in a clearer view of governance in L.A. or is this battle really a silly political distraction from bigger problems?


Nick Patsaouras, former President of the DWP Board of Commissioners

Raphael Soneshein, Political Science Professor at Cal State Fullerton