Patt Morrison for April 14, 2010

More family time in America?

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A new study shows Americans may be spending more time with their families

It seems counter intuitive but a new study reveals that Americans are actually spending more time with their family than they were just fifteen years ago. Has there been a cultural shift? Are we learning how to balance our professional and personal lives better? Well now that we’ve sorted that out another study finds that kids primary wish isn’t for more time with their parents, it’s a desire for them to be less stressed out and tired. Jeez, there’s no pleasing those little buggers. What now, it has to be quality over quantity? That might require a little more Starbucks, or wine, or both.


Valerie Ramey, professor of Economics at the University of California, San Diego

Ellen Galinsky, president, Families and Work Institute in New York

Betsey Stevenson, assistant professor of business & public policy at The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

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