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Grab me some peanuts and cracker jacks… and bail money

LAPD cracked down on Dodger tailgaters
LAPD cracked down on Dodger tailgaters
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Another April means that baseball is back in Chavez Ravine and wherever there is baseball, there are tailgaters. Some consider this a benign tradition, a time where fans can get psyched up before the game. But there are those that treat tailgating like they are pledging for a fraternity that doesn’t care about your liver, a pre-game tradition as crucial to the game as the ceremonial first pitch. A view not shared by the other men in blue, the LAPD. At Tuesday’s opening game LAPD had more than 150 officers spread out around the stadium, arresting more than 130 people, mostly for public intoxication and unruly behavior. Some fans appreciate the support in making Dodger Stadium a more“family friendly” environment, while others think that LAPD should have much more pressing issues to deal with than making arrests in Dodger Town. Notorious tailgater Patt Morrison takes your calls.


Kate Linthicum, writer for the LA Times

David Lindsay, LAPD Captain