Patt Morrison for April 19, 2010

Republicans gear up for another “Contract with America”

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Republicans plan to write a new "Contract with America"

Remember back in 1994, when then-Republican-hopeful Newt Gingrich drafted a “Contract with America,” identifying specific pieces of legislation that Republicans could pass if only the American people would entrust them with control of the House? It worked then, and now, as mid-term elections near, Republicans are looking at recycling an old page out of the play book, only they’re divided on how much detail to commit to. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor wants a document like the last one—a laundry list of legislation, whereas Congressmen like Kevin McCarthy—who is leading the effort to draft the contract—thinks that much specificity smacks of the backroom deals the GOP accuses Democrats of making. Patt talks with Republicans on all sides of the issue about what the American people want from the Republican Party come November.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy, (R-Bakersfield), Deputy Minority Whip; he’s leading the effort to draft a new “Contract With America”

Ryan Hecker, director of the Houston Tea Party Society & original author of the “Contract From America”

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