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Reza Aslan on “Beyond Fundamentalism: confronting religious extremism in the age of globalization”

by Patt Morrison

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Reza Aslan discusses religious extremism in his new book Random House Publishing Group

In his new book, Daily Beast editor Reza Aslan asserts that by infusing the War on Terror with its own religiosity, the Unites States has fallen prey to the same failed logic of its enemies, ultimately engendering a religious war in which God is believed to be directly engaged on behalf of one side against the other. And a religious war, as Aslan has long contended, cannot be won. Aslan joins Patt for an in-depth look at the ideology fueling al-Qa’ida, the Taliban and like-minded militants in the region, compared with the religious violence in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His goal is to strip religion from his lens and look at the bare, earthly grievances that lie at the war’s root.


Reza Aslan, editor at the Daily Beast and internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions; his latest book is “Beyond Fundamentalism: confronting religious extremism in the age of globalization”

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