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Does the key to Democrats’ success in November reside in Montana?

by Patt Morrison

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A gun toting, spend less, tax less Democrat does exist in Montana Getty Images

A rare creature roams the wide-open, lonely plains of Montana—a creature who goes against the stereotypes of his species, who got an “A” rating from the NRA on gun control issues, who just ordered an across-the-board 5% slash in state spending. That creature is Brian Schweitzer, the Democratic governor of Montana who has been held up as a model of a different brand of Democrat ever since he was first elected in 2004. With Congressional midterm elections coming up in November the Democrats might want to take a page out of Gov. Schweitzer’s playbook to stave off losing control of Congress—ironically it was the “Schweitzer” kind of Democrats, more conservative in approach and style, that helped the Democrats regain control of the Senate and House in 2006. As Montana grapples with the same budget pressures that haunt almost every state in the country, Gov. Schweitzer has done the unthinkable for a Democrat: he cut spending, and has also managed to cut taxes. What can Democrats learn from the Montana Governor?

Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana (Democrat)


Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana (Democrat)

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