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TV in the age of the internet: Les Moonves on the melding of media

by Patt Morrison

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TV in the age of the internet: Les Moonves on the melding of media Getty Images

Television is no longer the transformative medium, so says the pundits—the title now belongs to the internet. And yet for the internet to expand and grow, especially into the Third World, it will most likely need to piggyback on the (all of a sudden) old fashioned technology of television. Les Moonves, the head of the CBS media empire, has become a master at merging mediums, from radio to television to book publishing, and is on the front line of the entertainment industry’s learning curve for new technologies, from the internet to 3-D. The industry on a whole had a solid 2009, in spite of a recession, when “Avatar” became the highest grossing movie of all time, reality shows on TV retreated somewhat from the prime time schedule and book sales were brisk. As the economy continues to be shaky and as technological advancements fly fast and furious, how does Les Moonves envision entertainment in the 21st century?


Leslie Moonves, President & CEO of CBS Corporation

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