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Worthy of a librarian action figure, NPR’s Nancy Pearl talks book lust with Patt

by Patt Morrison

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Nancy Pearl loves books so much she's got her own librarian action figure Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

She’s known as NPR’s librarian, and her knowledge of literary works is so legendary that a librarian action figure has been modeled after her. Nancy Pearl is truly a “rock star” librarian—an author, bookseller, commentator and literary critic who transcends librarian circles to become a trusted voice on all matters of reading advice and critiques. Nancy Pearl brings her years of literary experience to KPCC to talk about her favorite recent reading and big things to come (from the iPad, to the explosion of e-books to the latest in fiction) in the world of books.


Nancy Pearl, regular commentator on NPR’s “Morning Edition”; bookseller, literary critic and author

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