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Dave Barry says he’ll mature when he’s dead

by Patt Morrison

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Humor columnist Dave Barry sits down with Patt Jim Panetta/KPCC

America’s true past time is comedy. We might not have superior dramas, the scariest horrors, or the most tear-jerking love stories, but we know our comedy. If America’s true past time is comedy, then Dave Barry might be our Joe DiMaggio. The former syndicated columnist, whose work appeared in more than 500 newspapers, has long been one of America’s favorite humorists. Since retiring from his column in 2005, he has been through some momentous life events, including his son’s wedding, sundry medical assaults on his nether regions and riding a fire truck with Clarabelle the cow at Disney World. Much like the world spinning, comedy doesn’t stop just because you retire, so in between watching TV, drinking beer, and passing gas, Dave managed to produce his new book, which he hopes will inspire the youth of the nation. Inspire them to do what exactly? Fetch him another beer and change the channel.


Dave Barry, author of more than thirty books. He was a former columnist whose work appeared in more than 500 newspapers.

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