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Google’s been peeking into your home: “Street View” program picks up data through home Wi-Fi

by Patt Morrison

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Google street view may mean an inside view into your wireless network activities Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Google’s unofficial mantra is “Don’t Be Evil” and up to this point they’ve been largely viewed as a benevolent company—but as more charges are made about Google’s voracious appetite for personal information, to how your search the internet to what you write in your emails, their “evil” mantra might come into question. The latest accusation, admitted by Google on Friday, is that the company sucked up 600 gigabytes of data off the Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries as Google vehicles cruised streets for its “Street View” mapping feature. Google vehicles were armed with cameras and an antenna so they could crease a database with the names of Wi-Fi networks, and in the process picked up views of your emails, your bank statements and anything else you happened to be doing over a wireless network when Google cars drove through your neighborhoods. Google says they’re destroying all personal information—can you trust them?


Marc Rotenberg, President, Privacy International

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