Patt Morrison for May 19, 2010

A spoon (un)full of sugar: small victory in the war on childhood obesity

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Michelle Obama has gotten some major food companies to reduce sugar and calories in their products

First Lady Michelle Obama won a major victory in her crusade against childhood obesity. She got some major players in the food and beverage business to agree to reduce the calories in their products, offer lower calorie options, and reduce the portion size of some of their products. Kellogg Co., General Mills Inc, Pepsi Co and others agreed to cut 1.5 trillion calories by the end of 2015. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has signed onto support an independent evaluation of how these companies are doing and whether their efforts have lead to any significant progress. Is your child ready for a little less coco in his Coco Puffs?


Lisa Gable, the Executive Director for the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Dr. Jim Marks, Vice President of the Health Group at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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