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Delta Divers – high-risk, high-pay in the Gulf

by Patt Morrison

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Delta Divers tells the story of the deep sea divers who set up oil rigs thousands of miles below the sea Antenna Films

As the world watches the so-far unstoppable oil spill spreading through the deep-blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, we are probably not thinking of the successful daily workings of the more than 6,000 gas and oil platforms and 35,000 miles of pipelines that function in those waters. Delta Divers: Diver Down, a new documentary airing tonight on the National Geographic Channel, tells the story of the part-astronaut, part-roughneck deep-sea divers who do the welding, pouring concrete, rigging, and hydraulics in an environment so extreme it might as well be another planet.

*Delta Divers: Diver Down is airing tonight at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel


Scott B, writer, director and executive producer of Delta Divers: Diver Down

Sandy Guthrie, executive producer of Delta Divers: Diver Down

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