Patt Morrison for May 28, 2010

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Yesterday President Obama announced the results of his administration’s safety review of offshore drilling and extended a moratorium on new deep-water oil drilling permits for another six months while a commission investigates the causes of the April 20th accident. That moratorium will stave off controversial lease-sales off the coast of Alaska, the Western Gulf, and Virginia, but how will it affect drilling sites off the California coast, such as the Venoco drilling plan up for vote on the June 8th ballot in Carpenteria? And do President Obama’s announcements yesterday herald a sea-change in the administration’s stance on offshore drilling?
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Tim O’Brien’s "The Things They Carried"

Twenty years ago, decades after returning home from his tour in Vietnam, Tim O’Brien authored a book of short stories about a drastically unpopular war. Considered by many to be the fiction counterpart to Michael Herr’s Dispatches, O’Brien’s fictional account of Vietnam serves as essential reading on the Vietnam experience. As America finds itself deep into two wars, Tim O’Brien joins us to discuss the “story truth” and “happening truth” of what his book says about where we were then and where we find ourselves now.
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Comedy Congress from the Crawford Family Forum!

The comedic material emanating from Washington D.C., and state capitols across the country, is enough to make any sitcom writer jealous, even if most of that comedy is unintentional. Our motto on Comedy Congress is that just when politics makes you want to cry, it’s usually best to laugh. Today we laugh at the asinine politics and blame game surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we laugh at a Republican who thinks the Civil Rights Act was a bad idea and a Democrat who pretended to serve in Vietnam, and much more. Tomorrow we’ll probably cry about our lost jobs, but today join us in laughing at the madness of it all—the truth hurts far less when it’s told by comedians.
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