Patt Morrison for June 8, 2010

Google vs. Apple: how the Android will slay the mighty iPhone

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It's Apple vs. Google in the battle for the most superior smart phone

The Apple iPhone 4 was released yesterday to the usual fanfare that comes with just about every Steve Jobs announcement: the latest generation of iPhone gets more storage capacity, a thinner look, improved multimedia capabilities and other new toys, but the real story is that it might already be behind the curve. That’s because the new Google “Android” operating system already has many of the iPhone 4’s features up and running, and is poised to surpass Apple as the second highest-selling mobile phone platform, behind Blackberry. There is much more at stake then just cell phones, as these new computing platforms will quickly translate into laptops, tablet computers (like the iPad) and eventually smart, internet-connected TV’s. While it all may seem like gadget porn for geeks, these new devices and software will soon be dominating your living room. Will Apple or Google win control of your hearts and dollars, and what ever happened to Microsoft?


Richard Waters, West Coast editor for the Financial Times

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