Patt Morrison for June 10, 2010

The fall of Troy: USC athletics charged by NCAA for multiple infractions

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The NCAA will impose several sanctions against USC for improper conduct

They were good years for the USC Trojan football team: in 2004 the Trojans won the BCS and AP national championships, and in 2005, despite losing to Texas in the Rose Bowl, Reggie Bush won a Heisman Trophy and USC was dominant for most of the year. Turns out that those heady years for Trojan football, and several more seasons of Trojan basketball, will be wiped off the record books after USC was sanctioned today for violating several NCAA rules on student-athlete and agent relationships. The two players who were most in the foul of NCAA rules were running back Reggie Bush and point guard OJ Mayo, both of whom were found to have received gifts and payments from agents with the possible knowledge of the USC athletics department. The sanctions will hurt the ultra-competitive Trojans—a two year postseason football ban means no Bowl games and a one year postseason ban on the basketball team means no March Madness. Can the vaunted Trojans sports program bounce back?


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