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Los Angeles County Probation Department gets scathing review

by Patt Morrison

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The Los Angeles County Probation Department received a terrible review this year Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Los Angeles County Office of Independent Review has blasted the internal investigations department of the LA County Probation Department for failing to adequately handle the cases of sworn officers who have committed misconduct. 31 officers will most likely go unpunished, according to the report, because investigators took too long to take action. 18 of the officers committed misconduct ranging from child cruelty, sex with a minor, and assault with a deadly weapon. Investigators have a year to investigate and/or act on their findings before the statute of limitations runs out. The lead attorney who conducted the three-month review found systemic problems mostly due to “bureaucratic inefficiencies, insufficient tracking and weak case management”. Patt spends some time getting to the bottom of this, but she promises it won’t take a year!


Michael Gennaco, chief attorney for the Office of Independent Review

Donald Blevins, Chief Probation Officer for Los Angeles County

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