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Cancer “breakthroughs” and defeats: where are we really in the fight against cancer?

Cancer researchers continue to search for
Cancer researchers continue to search for "the cure'
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The fight against cancer still wages on in the medical world as there are “breakthroughs” in the field seemingly everyday. Scientists work tirelessly to combat the disease, bringing forth ideas such as training the immune system to fight cancer and examining cancerous cells in 3D to better form an attack strategy. There’ve also been strides made in the path toward a cancer vaccine, but alas, no cigar. In any case, the battle must be fought slowly and a step at a time. So where are we, really, in the fight against cancer? And what effect does the media have on society when it turns a small step into a giant leap?


Dr. William Nelson, Director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

Dr. Leonard Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society.