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That ain’t my bag, baby

by Patt Morrison

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California legislators are discussing a mandatory charge for plastic bags David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Paper or plastic? That’ll be a fee. After next week, shoppers will need to bring their own bags on their next shopping trip as the Los Angeles City Council hopes to outlaw plastic grocery bags. From now on, it will cost 25 cents for a paper bag if you don’t bring your own multi-use bags. Proponents of the bag ban say it will relieve the city of the plastic bags that dirty the streets, but others say it won’t completely solve the litter problem. Are you willing to give up your plastic bags or will you pay the price?


Ed Reyes, L.A. City Councilman for the 1st District; he authored the original ordinance, passed by L.A. City in July of 2008, that would have implemented fees for use of plastic bags

Assemblywoman Julie Brownley, D-41st Assembly District (Calabasas, Oxnard); author of the proposed plastic bag ban bill in the Assembly

Stephen L. Joseph, the founder of Save the Plastic Bag

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