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In Afghanistan, it’s war… as usual

The war in Afghanistan wages on with little improvement
The war in Afghanistan wages on with little improvement
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We are 8 ½ years into the War in Afghanistan, and June was the deadliest month for international troops in the war thus far. In addition to a bloody June, General McChrystal was asked to resign after controversial comments made in an interview, as he was replaced with returning cast member General David Petraeus. The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime released a study that shows drug addiction in Afghanistan has increased to 800,000 Afghan adults, about 3%, in just the last 5 years. Reports out of Congress suggest that the U.S. military is funding, both directly and indirectly through a corrupt Afghan government, the very same Taliban warlords that we’re supposed to be fighting. All of this has made the already unstable Afghanistan look like it could implode at any moment. So, what do we do next?


Matthew P. Hoh, former Marine Captain who fought in Iraq & Afghanistan, former Foreign Service officer in the State Department who served in Afghanistan’s Zabul province

Ali Ahmad Jalali, former Interior Minister of Afghanistan from ’03 – ’05; distinguished professor at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University