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San Francisco stays healthy

by Patt Morrison

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In San Francisco, employers are required to help workers pay for the now federally mandated healthcare insurance Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Supreme Court will not be hearing a challenge from the Golden Gate Restaurant Association against San Francisco’s universal health care program - Healthy San Francisco. The program is available to all San Francisco residents regardless of immigration status, employment status, or pre-existing medical conditions and has enrolled 53,000 previously uninsured people. Where does the restaurant association come in? Healthy San Francisco requires that employers either offer health insurance to employees or contribute money to the city’s plan and as the cost to restaurant owners rise so does the cost of dining. What costs more in the long run and is San Francisco paving the way for other cities to mandate healthcare?


Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco

Elizabeth Milito, Senior Executive Counsel at the National Federation of Independent Business’ small business legal center

Kevin Westlye, Executive Director Golden Gate Restaurant Association

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