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Your golden years to begin at 70? Debating the start of Social Security

The age to collect Social Security may be moved to 70 years
The age to collect Social Security may be moved to 70 years
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It’s not the first time this idea has been kicked around but yesterday it was presented in remarkably stark terms, considering the source was a politician. House Minority Leader John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that in the face of massive federal deficits and a potentially crippling national debt it was time to have a frank conversation with the American public about the sustainability of Social Security. "We're all living a lot longer than anyone ever expected," Boehner told the newspaper editorial board. "And I think that raising the retirement age — going out 20 years, so you're not affecting anyone close to retirement — and eventually getting the retirement age to 70 is a step that needs to be taken." Boehner also counseled hard decisions for politicians and the public alike: "We just need to be honest with people," he said. "I'm not suggesting it's going to be easy, but I think if we did those three things, you'd pretty well solve the problem." Are you willing to delay your Social Security to help bring down the debt?


Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-California’s 31st District; Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus; member of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform

Andrew Biggs, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute; former deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration in the Bush Administration