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Your tax dollars hard at work….in the pockets of Afghan warlords

The conflict in Afghanistan is not going quite as planned
The conflict in Afghanistan is not going quite as planned
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Security in Afghanistan is dirty work, for all of the involved parties from the U.S. and Afghan militaries to the private contractors that provide key logistical support. One bit of key logistical support that lies in the hands of military contractors is Host Nation Trucking, the transportation contract that provides over 70% of total good and materials distributed to U.S. troops in the field in Afghanistan. It’s worth $2.16 billion and is a key example of how well intentioned U.S. investment ends up in the hands of extremely undesirable warlords. The HNT contract fuels warlordism, extortion and corruption and it may be a significant source of funding for insurgents. We look at the troubled American effort in Afghanistan through the prism of one contract that proves your tax dollars are hard at work…..in the pockets of warlords.


Rep. John Tierney, D-Massachusetts’ 6th District; Chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security & Foreign Affairs; author of the majority report Warlord, Inc.