Patt Morrison for July 1, 2010

Team ‘take my money’ opens Twilight Eclipse to record fanfare

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Twilight fans or Twihards as they have become know, wait in line at the Los Angeles premier of Twilight: Eclipse

In Forks, Washington, Bella Swan sits alone in her room, tortured by her choice; in Hollywood, CA, executives behind the Twilight franchise sit alone in their offices, swimming in piles of money. Twilight’s vampires’ skin sparkles in the daylight because they have been dead for hundreds of years; Stephanie Myer’s glow might be that diamond LaPerle beauty cream that costs more than gold. You can afford the finer things in life when your originally low-budget vampire movie has turned into the largest grossing Wednesday release ever, raking in $68.5 million. It nearly broke the record for best opening-day ever, a record held by its predecessor, “New Moon”. With success like that, Twilight is solidified itself as a national obsession for America’s youth. Add to that the July 4th weekend approaching, Twilight is set to make some scary money.


Ken Turan, film critic for the Los Angeles Times and frequent contributor to National Public Radio's-Morning Edition. His latest book is Free for All: Joe Papp, The Public, and the Greatest Theater Story Ever Told

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