Patt Morrison for July 9, 2010

But can they beat the Lakers? What LeBron-mania means for the 2-time NBA champs

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Marc Serota/Getty Images

Fans watch in Miami as LeBron James announces where he'll be playing next season

The LeBron James saga came to a merciful conclusion last night as the “King” decided to join fellow superstar free agents DeWayne Wade and Chris Bosh by signing with the Miami Heat. The resulting super team is built to win championships and as a result the expectations for the Heat could not be higher—anything less than several NBA titles will surely be a major disappointment. But the Heat still have to go through the two-time defending champion Lakers to get the title, and certainly the Lakers and most of the other teams in the Eastern Conference aren’t just going to roll over for the Heat. Is there any way that James-Wade-Bosh can live up to the incredible hype? Should the Lakers be worried?


Matt “Money” Smith, host of the Petros & Money Show on Fox Sports Radio, heard locally in L.A. on AM570 KLAC; Matt was the former Lakers pre & post-game host

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