Patt Morrison for July 15, 2010

iPhone mania hits a wall: antenna and reception problems abound

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iPhone 4 has some problems and it's not AT&T's fault

There were lines in cities across the country full of people waiting for the iPhone 4 to be released. But now, many of those people are learning that the latest iPhone is plagued with dropped calls and reception issues. Many people would like to attribute the issues to AT&T, who has a monopoly on iPhones for now, but it turns out the reception problems are due to Apple's antenna design. Apple will hold a press conference on Friday to address the problems - consumer experts guess there won't be a recall but acknowledge that Apple will have to fix the phones or refund their consumers. So how much will this snafu cost Apple, and will loyal customers still stick with the brand?


Mike Gikas, senior editor for electronics at Consumer Reports

Kent German, senior editor for CNET

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