Patt Morrison for July 15, 2010

$800,000 for a city manager!?

Mercer 8565

Bell city officials make two and even three times the amount that officials of other cities do

Bell isn't a big town, but the paycheck of their city manager might lead you to believe otherwise. One of the poorest cities in Los Angeles County pays its top officials double or even triple what others do. Their top officials have routinely received annual raises in recent years, even with the economy in shambles. Bell's Mayor is even defending the salaries saying that because of his city's success, the people who run that city should be rewarded. So will this fly, or will the community stop-payment?


Thomas O’Brien, litigation partner specializing in white collar crime with the Paul Hastings law firm in Los Angeles; former U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California

Jeff Gottlieb, senior writer for the Los Angeles Times; he co-wrote the story on Bell.

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