Patt Morrison for July 27, 2010

Picker finds Ansel Adams photo negatives at garage sale – worth $200 million

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Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

A man struck it rich when he unwittingly purchased $200 million worth of Ansel Adams negatives

A garage sale picker in Fresno found an unexpected treasure when he paid $45 dollars for a box of glass negatives in the spring of 2000. After years of examination, the negatives have been determined by authentication experts to be Ansel Adams images believed to have been lost in a studio fire in 1937. The world is richer for the find, as well might be the finder, as the value of the negatives is placed at $200 million.


Rick Norsigian, a painter for the Fresno school district who bought the glass negatives for $45 at a garage sale in the spring of 2000.

Arnold Peter, a partner at law firm Peter Rubin & Simon; he assembled the authentication team.

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