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What can the little guys do? California mayors struggle to create & save jobs

by Patt Morrison

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As the economy begins turning around, some CA local governments still struggle with high unemployment Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The stimulus funds may have created some wiggle room but what will happen once the national well runs dry? In San Francisco a federal stimulus program, Jobs Now that got 3,600 San Franciscans parents back to work is about to run out – meanwhile, Riverside, CA is still listed as one of the top ten riskiest cities for homeowners despite programs like the Home Affordable Modification Program. Its been said that as California goes, so goes the nation but our state is made up of many vastly different cities and each city seems to have it’s own unique way of handling the day-to-day struggle to create and save jobs on the local level – we check in with some of the heads of state of this state’s cities and see how they are wrestling with the recovery.


Ronald Loveridge, Mayor of Riverside, president of the National League of Cities

Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco

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