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About that boycott... should California go forward with Arizona boycott?

by Patt Morrison

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Now that an injunction has been issued against Arizona's SB 1070, will California businesses still boycott Arizona businesses? Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images

When Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 law was passed a few months ago California’s governments, from the state to counties and cities, were quick with retribution. On the state level a resolution was proposed in the Legislature that called for California to boycott all state business with Arizona; similar efforts were followed up in Los Angeles and elsewhere. After yesterday’s ruling by a federal judge that, at least temporarily, ripped the guts out of SB1070—namely the provisions that empowers local law enforcement to question and arrest suspected illegal immigrants—there is now a question of whether California should go forward with its boycott of Arizona. True, the popular sentiment in Arizona remains firmly behind SB1070 and it has never been the friendliest state toward immigrants, but is California being too punitive? And was this boycott ever a wise use of the state’s time and energy?


State Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-22nd Senate District; Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus

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