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Turning “Project 50” into Project 1000’s—innovative ways to help L.A.’s homeless

How can we help rehabilitate the homeless of Los Angeles
How can we help rehabilitate the homeless of Los Angeles
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In 2007 Los Angeles County started up a new program with the goal of taking a different look and a different approach to the persistent problem of chronic homelessness in Southern California. The program was “Project 50,” which would identify the 50 most vulnerable and needy members of L.A.’s homeless population through a series of extensive surveys on the streets. The 50 have been identified, reviewed and provided with housing, services and support—but has it helped to keep them off the streets and brought stability back into their lives? The programs results have been mixed and they offer a tortured view into the complex problem of homelessness. Patt partners up with her colleagues at the L.A. Times who have spent the past two years following Project 50 with the hopes of creatively conquering homelessness.


Christopher Goffard, staff reporter for the L.A. Times & author of the Project 50 series Whatever it Takes

Becky Kanis, director of the 100,000 Homes Project at Common Ground