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<em>Patt Morrison</em> is known for its innovative discussions of local politics and culture, as well as its presentation of the effects of national and world news on Southern California. Hosted by

"A Visit From the Goon Squad”

by Patt Morrison

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Jennifer Egan's latest book Knopf Doubleday Publishing

What would inspire a successful short story writer and novelist to write an entire chapter using power point? Perhaps the same thing that inspired her to write about terrorism, oral sex, celebrity journalism, teen and adult angst, the digital age, and use more than a dozen protagonists to weave together a story loosely focused on one not-so-talented bass-player. Madeleine Brand fills in for Patt and talks with Jennifer Egan about her musically obsessed, scattered, and lauded new book and about the venerated voices within it.


Jennifer Egan, author of A Visit from the Good Squad

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