Patt Morrison for August 10, 2010

Looking a weather gift horse in its cloudy mouth: the meaning of So Cal’s moderate summer

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Los Angeles has experienced an unusually mild summer

A frustrating ten days into what is often the hottest month, many Angelenos find themselves grabbing a sweater – not a bottle of sunscreen, when leaving the house. It’s 75 and partly cloudy in Los Angeles… again. June gloom should have ended more than a month ago and yet Los Angeles is dog-tired of waiting for the dog days of summer. Should we blame it on the lunar calendar? Is there a heat wave in our future or should we go ahead and deflate the kiddie-pool till 2011? Is there a connection between our moderate temperatures, a prolonged heat wave on the East Coast, floods in Pakistan and drought in Russia? We explore the wacky world of weather in this global warming era.


Bill Patzert, research oceanographer & climatologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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