Patt Morrison for August 13, 2010

Anne Rice leaves the church

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Paul Hawthorne

Gothic author, Anne Rice, announced she is no longer Catholic

The author best known for her vampire novels made a splash last week when she announced via her Facebook page that she is apparently done with Christianity. The intriguing aspect, besides her medium of choice—is Jesus still her friend?—is that Ms. Rice still believes in God, she is just done with organized religion. Basing her decision on Christianity’s stances on gay marriage, woman’s rights, and what she describes as an “anti-science” and “anti-life” mentality. So after 12 years as a devout Catholic, Anne Rice has decided that she would rather be spiritual than religious and that she could have a closer relationship with God by herself.


Anne Rice, best-selling American author of gothic, erotic, and religious-themed books such as Interview with the Vampire

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