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DWP GM on ratepayer advocates, green energy & how L.A.'s political drama will impact your power bill

by Patt Morrison

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It's been a tumultuous year for L.A.'s Department of Water & Power. Paul Kane/Getty Images

It's been a tumultuous year for L.A.'s Department of Water & Power. After putting a sprinkler rationing program into effect, water mains started bursting all over the city; after proposing a hefty increase to power bills to fund new renewable energy programs, the City Council burst in a show of defiance; and after initially denying a promised $75 million transfer in revenues into L.A.'s general fund, the L.A. Controller burst with outrage, accusing the DWP of playing politics with city finances. The interim general manager of the DWP embodies the delicate position in which the city utility finds itself, straddling the line between influential offices in L.A.'s political universe and handing down policy decisions with huge implications, from city infrastructure to the push for new green energy sources. We talk to the head of DWP about how the relationships in city government will impact the future of your water & power bill.


Austin Beutner, interim general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power; First Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles for economic & business policy

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