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The Terrible-20’s: The maturation of the generation left behind

by Patt Morrison

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It turns out that 20-somethings might be the one of the slowest developing generations ever. Jonathan Serviss/KPCC

You can call them “slackers” or “losers.” The media has coined more politically correct terms like “failure to launch” or “boomerang kids.” Whatever you choose to call them is irrelevant - they don’t care. They have a Facebook status to update. Raised as the generation with the most access to information, entertainment, and technology, many thought the 20-somethings would be an active and ambitious bunch. But it turns out that this generation might be the one of the slowest developing ever. Many psychologists have opinions as to why this phenomenon is occurring now - the scary economic state could look debilitating for college students drowning in loans with few job prospects. Others point the finger to the parents, saying that parents aren’t as involved with their kids as they used to be, maybe because they have to work multiple jobs. So what does this generation think of all the attention being paid to its underdevelopment? Nothing... they're still amazed at the new iPhone app and 3-D Nintendo DS.


Sanden Totten, 29-years-old, KPCC Madeleine Brand Show producer/reporter

Gina Delvac, 24-years-old, KPCC Air Talk intern and aspiring radio broadcaster

Jim Panetta, 23-years-old, KPCC Patt Morrison intern and professional stand-up comedian

Brittany Knotts, 22-years-old, KPCC Patt Morrison intern and aspiring journalist

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