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USC: University of Stripped Championships

by Patt Morrison

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The USC football program must now return its 2004 National Championship trophy after the NCAA issued sanctions prohibiting the Trojans from playing in any post-season games for the next two seasons Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

After every great dynasty there is a sort of Revelations-like aftermath, usually consisting of losing seasons and consistent personnel/managerial changes. Rarely does the aftermath contain a retroactive punishment that causes a change in the history books. But that is exactly what is happening to USC and their legendary football program. Six years after winning the national championship, The Football Writers of America is stripping their title due to the infractions committed by the university and its students. Currently, the official 2004 National Title still belongs to USC, but the BCS could vacate the title as soon as the Trojan’s appeal process is complete. Can Trojan fans still consider the ’04 team to be one of the greatest in light of all this controversy?


Petros Papadakis, host of the "Petros & Money Show" on KLAC AM 570; former tailback and captain of the USC Trojans

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