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What do you get when you mix private funds with public funds? A big mess as the CSU system is finding out...

by Patt Morrison

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Sarah Palin's speech last year at CSU Stanislaus stirred up controvery after inquirers had difficulty getting the University to disclose the amount she was paid for the appearance. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After the recent controversy surrounding Sarah Palin's $75,000 bill for her CSU Stanislaus fundraising speech, it seems the entire CSU system has mixed public and private funds so much that it can no longer tell which is which. Critics have long suspected that CSU officials have used foundations as a way to spend without having to deal with public scrutiny. The chief financial officer admits that the co-mingled funds are a problem but insists there were no malicious or shady dealings taking place. So what is the real story, and how easy will it be for CSU officials to sort through the financial stew?


Claudia Keith, Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Public Affairs, California State University

Leland Yee, California State Senator, Democrat from the San Francisco/San Mateo area
He has sponsored a bill that would require foundations and auxiliary organizations linked to public institutions to comply with the California Public Records Act.

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