Patt Morrison for September 2, 2010

Boxer and Fiorina – head to head

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U.S. Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina and incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer are on the campaign trail

Barbara Boxer criticized Carly Fiorina for shipping jobs overseas while taking $100 million in compensation as head of Hewlett-Packard; Fiorina pointed out that Boxer voted for the bail-out of Wall Street firms. In the first face-to-face debate between the two contenders for the U.S. Senate seat, the two clashed over jobs, taxes, spending and regulation practices, environment policies, same-sex marriage and foreign policy. Carla Marinucci, senior political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, was one of the panelists and she joins us today with a review of the action.


Carla Marinucci, Senior Political Writer, San Francisco Chronicle

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