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Kids and a quiet dinner out… impossible combination?

by Patt Morrison

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Should restaurants be able to ban obnoxious children? amrufm/Flickr

Picture this… you and a friend have just sat down in a favorite restaurant, ordered a glass of wine, and started to catch up on the latest… when across the room a two year old’s angry scream shatters the mood. You try to ignore the noise, but it continues… and you can’t help wishing the disruptive diners would be asked to leave. Well now, one restaurant owner has taken the situation in hand; the owner of Olde Salty in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, posted a sign saying “Screaming children will not be tolerated,” and she says it’s working by attracting more customers than are turned away. How much disruption can you take in a public place, or how much should you take?


Brenda Armes, owner-operator of Olde Salty, in Carolina Beach, North Carolina; posted a sign in her restaurant saying “Screaming children will not be tolerated,” and her business increased.

Daniel Conway, Director of Public Affairs for the California Restaurant Associaton

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