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A World Without Islam

by Patt Morrison

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What would a world without Islam really be like? Little, Brown & Company

Pearl Harbor led to the internment of thousands of Japanese-American citizens. The 9/11 terror attacks have led to some outspoken Americans distrusting (and in some cases heatedly protesting the presence of) an entire religion. Some may argue that a world without Islam would be a better one, free of suicide bombings, extremism, and religious warring. But former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA, Graham E. Fuller, argues that even if Islam had never come to be, the Crusades still would have happened, Eastern Orthodox Christianity would likely have risen to more prominence and instead clashed with Western Christianity, and suicide bombings would still occur. So what would a world without Muslims really be like? Graham E. Fuller discusses his book, A World Without Islam.


Graham E. Fuller, former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA, author A World Without Islam

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