Patt Morrison for October 13, 2010

Let’s get ready to (3rd) PARTY!

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Third party politcians Ralph Nader and Ross Perot

According to a recent poll conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, 54% of voters are in the market for a third party candidate. The number is unsurprisingly higher among voters that identify as Independent. So, if the majority of voters want a third party why don’t the majority of voters vote for one? As always, in politics there are no simple answers even to simple questions. Though the Tea Party is continuing to gain momentum voters seem to be split on whether or not they should be the 3rd party. Despite the fact that minds may not be made up when it comes to Green being better than Tea or Tea being better than Labor or Labor being better than Surprise – one thing we know for sure, voters are ready to Party.


Craig Smith, Principal of Penn Schoen Berland, Washington, D.C and former assistant to President Clinton and White House Political Director

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