Patt Morrison for October 28, 2010

Should the state be able to borrow from local governments? You decide when you vote on Prop. 22

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Proposition 22 would ban the state from borrowing money from local government funds, even in times of fiscal hardship

Filed by an alliance of local government groups, Proposition 22 is aimed at protecting existing funds and tax revenue allocated to local government from being raided by the state, even in times of financial hardship. Those who proposed the initiative and would vote “Yes” argue that the state’s current ability to raid local government’s general funds supports those state leaders who are unable to manage the budget and allows for cuts to important local services such as policing and road improvements. On the other side, “No” voters argue that Proposition 22 will give money to redevelopment agencies at the expense of the state’s budget and other services paid for by the state budget (like public education). So where do you stand on the issue? Patt discusses Prop. 22 with representatives from both sides of the fence and asks YOU to join in the debate.


Chris McKenzie, Executive Director, League of California Cities

Lou Paulson, President, California Professional Firefighters

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