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Comedy Congress swears in Lewis Black

by Patt Morrison

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Patt gavels Comedy Congress to order with comedic great Lewis Black. Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The only true medicine for the pain of politics is laughter - after all, if we weren’t laughing at the (mostly) unintentional humor emanating from Washington D.C. and the campaign trail, chances are we’d be crying. On the eve of the much-anticipated midterm elections - and you can tell because the collective hysteria and volume from politicians across the country is on the rise - Patt gavels Comedy Congress to order with comedic great Lewis Black. As politicians hand out Viagra to trick-or-treating pedophiles and Aqua Buddhas find a seat at the debate, it's hard to make sense of all the political nonsense. Tomorrow we’ll probably cry about our lost votes, but today let's revel in the madness - the truth hurts far less when it’s told by comedians.


Lewis Black, Emmy-nominated comedian, playwright and author. His new book is I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas

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